Our company has several departments where the managers are fully assigned and have responsibilities to provide the best service for either internal or external customers.

  • Marketing Department is in charge to any quotation and precedes the customer’s instructions to the relevant department.
  • Field Service Department is in charge to supervise and control the Inspection Team who serves customers directly.
  • Quality Assurance Department is in charge to review inspection reports prior to submitting them to customers, thus manage and control our equipment’s calibration.
  • HSE Department is in charge to all matter that pertinent to Health, Safety and Environment rules.
  • Accounting and Administration Department is in charge to control suppliers and any payments.

Inspectors are certified by ASNT – NDT – Level III to support their ability performing inspection. Re-certification is automatically conducted before their certificate expires. To perform inspection jobs, Inspectors have been selected by strict standards of criteria, such as experience and competencies. This is to guarantee that they have the ability to perform jobs with responsibility and honesty in every location of customer’s job. Proper training and indoctrination are conducted regularly to our employees to refresh or enhance their knowledge and skills.

Every department and function are also completed with the approved procedures to ensure the task is performed properly.